Almost Winter

Fiction (100 Min) — BRA, 2021


Ingrid, Rebecca and Veronica, three grown sisters who still live in the same house on a large farm: they prepare a party to welcome their younger brother, Thomas Becker, who is about to marry a rich heiress of a traditional family, Natasha. Thomas works in the Party that was of his father, Daniel Becker, formerly deceased deputy and once very popular in his region. On Saturday morning, one day before celebrating his birthday, he and his family are visited by Natasha and friends Julian and Estevan. This encounter will be marked by revelations, games and a final twist, of remarkable tragic aspect.


In production


Director and Screenwriter: Rodrigo Grota
Executive Producer: Guilherme Peraro


Lee Taylor (Thomas), Simone Iliescu (Rebecca), Denise Weinberg (Sra. Becker), Sabrina Greve (Natasha), Luiza Quinteiro (Verônica) and Arrigo Barnabé (Edgar).


Meeting with the Nordic Countries/São Paulo International Film Festival (October 2015).