The Portrait

Fiction (14 min) — BRA, 2016 - CPB B1700573300000


The friendship between two women and the difficult decision that one needs to make in the face of an unexpected request.



Looke -


Carol Alves
Livia Oliveira
Sergio Mello
Lara Salinet
Raul Castanheira
Danilo Amadeu


Screenplay and direction: Jackeline Seglin
Executive producer: Guilherme Peraro
Production Director: Fernanda Trindade
Director of Photography and Editing: Allan Ferreira
Art Direction: Loraine Kavrokov Vieira, Nabila Haddad
Original soundtrack: Andianara Barbosa, Vitor Struck
Direction Assistants: Rafaela Pifer, Andianara Barbosa, Milliane Lauize
Continuist: Rafaela Pífer
Cast Preparation: Jackeline Seglin, Rafaela Pífer
Sound: Vitor Struck, William Araújo
Sound editing: Otavio Santos
Production Assistants: Nabila Haddad, Nivaldo Lino, William Araújo
Object Production: Loraine Kavrokov Vieira, Nabila Haddad, Fernanda Trindade
Camera Assistants: Andianara Barbosa, Nivaldo Lino
Editing assistant: Jenny Torres
Art Assistants: Fernanda Trindade, Jenny Torres
Costume design: Nabila Haddad, Loraine Kavrokov Vieira
Costume Designers: Fernanda Trindade, Jenny Torres
Hair and Makeup: Evelise Chaiben
Graphic project: Loraine Kavrokov Vieira
Production: Kinopus Audiovisual
Realization: Pitágoras College


Kinoarte Film Festival in Londrina - Udihara award for Best Film by Popular Jury of the short film "O Retrato" (The Portrait, 2016)