Documentary (25 min) — BRA, 2013


Man is a walking being.
Profile of filmmaker Andrea Tonacci produced for Canal Brazil.



Andrea Tonacci
Ismail Xavier
Paulo Gracindo
Paulo César Pereio


Direction, Script and Editing: Rodrigo Grota
Executive Production: Guilherme Peraro
Search: Roberta Takamatsu
Production Direction: Argel Medeiros and Bruno Gehring
Director of Photography and Camera: Guilherme Gerais
Art Direction: Felipe Augusto
Direct Sound: Bruno Bergamo
Direction Assistants: Artur Ianckievicz and Roberta Takamatsu
Acknowledgments: Cinema, Cristina Amaral, Mostra do Filme Livre
Production: Kinopus Audiovisual
Coproduction: Kinoarte and Filmes do Leste
Direction: Canal Brasil


09/29/2013 - Kinoarte Film Festival - 15th Edition Londrina
10/19/2013 - 6th Mostra Marília de Cinema
05/31/2014 - 9th CineOp - Ouro Preto Cinema Exhibition
10/06/2014 - Festival do Rio 2014 | Rio International Film Festival
12/04/2014 - Cine Independent Showcase | Sao Paulo
29/04/2015 - French Cinematheque | Paris, France
03/14/2016 - Tarsila do Amaral Workshop | Marilia, SP


TV: August 7, 2013 - Canal Brasil


28/04/2015 - London film at the French Cinematheque
25/02/2015 - London short film at the French Cinematheque
10/24/2014 - Paranaense on the screens of the Rio Festival
Excerpt from the article: (...) Grota says that the documentary ended up becoming a pretext, in a more humane and not just professional perspective, to approach Tonacci. “I was impressed with your worldview, which goes beyond fads, movements, ideological groups, trends. Tonacci believes in cinema as a form of self-knowledge, of continuous investigation. A very rare example of our cinema of a man who expressed his view of the world from films that go beyond his personality. His work is populated with immense generosity in relation to the ‘other’.
10/06/2014 - Doc about Tonacci this week at the Rio Festival
02/09/2014 - London documentary about Andrea Tonacci is selected for the Rio Festival